Hygiene & Standards

Sanitized handles

Sanitised® Antimicrobial protected handles act like a super inhibitor of bacteria and have a 99.99 % efficiency rating. Offering high impact resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, high resistance to bases and weak acids, and aggressive detergents. This is crucial when it comes to food handling as it reduces the risk of cross-contamination and helps maintain a hygienic environment.

The handle’s material is specifically designed to resist bacteria growth, making it easier to clean and sanitize. This means that the knives are always safe and ready to use, even in the most demanding food processing environments and work in temperatures of up to 40-60ºC.

SANITIZED AG is the leading worldwide producer of antimicrobial hygiene functions and material protection for textiles and polymers. More info on SANITIZED AG can be found here

Starrett® traceability

Starrett® knives offer additional benefits, including guaranteed origin identification and traceability. By laser stamping a unique tracking number onto each blade, Starrett® assures that these knives can be easily identified as originating from their factory.

NSF Approved

The steel used in Starrett’s Professional Knives Range is certified as food-grade by NSF, with an NSF / ANSI 2-level certification. This certification ensures that the knives are safe for use in food processing plants and other food-related industries. It also means that the knives are manufactured with materials that meet strict food safety standards.

NSF is an international organisation considered one of the most renowned in the development of specific standards for public health and environmental protection. In addition to the targeted education and services provided to its members, the institution certifies, approves, and inspects products designed for the food industry. Key requirements for obtaining NSF certification:

  • Blades made of stainless steel following DIN 1.4116
  • Non-toxic and virgin polymers
  • Continuous, smooth surface, without gaps to prevent residue

More info on NSF / ANSI 2-level certification can be found here

USDA Approved

Starrett’s MeatKutter Premium (MKP), MeatKutter Frozen (MKF), MeatKutter Stainless (MKS), Band Knife (BK), Band Knife Stainless (BKS), and CarcassKutter (CK) saw blades are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The actual certification, NSF/ANSI/3-A, signifies that these saw blades meet the hygiene requirements for the design of meat and poultry processing equipment and also for handheld tools used in meat and poultry processing.

The USDA certification further enhances the company’s position in its global offering of food processing blades.

Oils Used In Our Manufacturing

At Starrett, we take the safety of our products and manufacturing processes very seriously. We understand that our customers rely on our bandsaw blades to be not only reliable and efficient but also safe to use. That’s why we ensure that all the oils we use in our bandsaw blade manufacturing processes are carefully selected and tested for safety.

The oils we use are mineral-based and are chosen for their excellent lubricating properties, which help to reduce heat and friction during the cutting process. These oils are also free from harmful contaminants, ensuring that our blades remain clean and free from residue that could compromise their performance or safety.

Certification And Standards



Lubrykeep oil – NSF certificate

CLARUS LubryKeep LGA-51

ISO9001:2015 The L.S. Starrett Company Ltd – FM 20833

Food contact Material Regulation (EC) 1935/2004

Professional Knives NSF

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